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In the painting, a grandfather and grandson visiting New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art discuss the merits of J.M.W. Turner's painting of the Grand Canal in Venice.

The Grand Tourists

A grandfather and grandson visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York discuss the merits of J.M.W. Turner's 1835 painting Venice, from the porch of Madonna della Salute.  Turner drew on his considerable experience as a marine painter and the brilliance of his technique as a watercolourist to create this view, in which the foundations of the palaces of Venice merge into the waters of the lagoon by means of delicate reflections.  He based the composition on a rather slight pencil drawing made during his first trip to Venice in 1819, but the painting is really the outcome of his second visit in1833.  He exhibited this canvas to wide acclaim at the Royal Academy in London.  

Oil on birch 

16 x 16 Inches


Available for purchase

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