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Andrew Bonnycastle's painting of woman admiring a painting by Group of Seven member Lawren Harris at the Art Gallery of Ontario

Superior View II

A woman at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto admires the 1922 painting Above Lake Superior by Lawren Harris.  In 1921, Harris traveled along the shore of Lake Superior with fellow artist A.Y. Jackson.  During this trip he realized the landscape was the most truly impressive he had encountered with it's barren, glaciated shoreline and smooth rocky islands set against the world's largest fresh water lake.  Harris painted the study for Above Lake Superior (also housed at the AGO) on location and then spent the winter months in Toronto painting the larger composition, which was then shown in the Group of Seven exhibition in May of 1922.  Today, it is considered one of his pivotal works.

Oil on Birch Panel

20 x 24 Inches


Available for Purchase

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