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Riders of the Met

Bonnycastle's painting depicts a young man admiring the display of armored knights in the Arms and Armor section of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

A young visitor to the Arms and Armor section in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York walks along with fascination beside the magnificent gleaming jousting armor display.  The riders and horses ride forever on to the tournament grounds.  When I first visited the Met, I walked into this gallery just as it is here and was enthralled by what I saw.  I had never seen genuine armor before and had grown up reading every youth book on medieval history and the crusades that our local library had to offer.  The workmanship on each suit and horse armor on display is incredible.  The two on the left are Italian and the two on the right are German, and all of the armor is from the mid to late 1500s.

Oil on Canvas

12 x 30 Inches


Available for purchase

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